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Chiavari Chairs

Chiavari Dressing

Dress Your Chiavari Chairs

Chiavari Chairs look so much nicer when they are dressed! Whether it be with a Drape, Hood, or Sash, a dressed chair always completes the look!

There is a large selection of colours that our Sashes/Drapes/Hoods come in, as well as fabrics. We supply Taffeta, Organza, Lace, Chiffon, and Cheesecloth.

On the right is our range of Taffeta and Organza colours. In Lace we have Dusky Blue, Dusky Pink, Mulberry, and Ivory. In Chiffon we have Baby Blue, Dusky Pink, and White. In Cheesecloth we have Sage Green.

Other colours can be sourced upon request.

Taffeta Sash Colours


Organza Sash Colours


If you would like a Sash, as mentioned above, there are many different colours for you to choose from in both Taffeta and Organza. So you have picked your colour, great! Now time to pick how you could have it styled.

If you like Lace instead of Organza and Taffeta, you could have those tied in a bow too. We have Dusky Blue, Ivory, and Mulberry Sashes. Other colours can be sourced upon request. You could even double up and have a Lace sash over a Taffeta, Organza, or Hessian.

If you aren't keen on Sashes and prefer a Drape, they look stunning on Chiavari Chairs! Whether it be Lace, Chiffon, or Cheesecloth, drapes give an elegant look to your special day.

If you like Drapes and have picked a fabric and colour, you don't have to stick with simple styling. They could be tied to the chair differently, or a decoration could be added.