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Ivory Aisle Runner, Pink Lace Hoods, Chiffon Table Skirt


Aisle Package

The Aisle Package includes; an Aisle Runner, Pew Ends/Sash, Lanterns, and Wooden Arch. 

You have a choice between the 7m and 10m aisle runner. This depends on the size of the room the ceremony is in, and also the amount of people, as the larger aisle runner may look huge in comparison to fewer guest chairs.

The Pew Ends are made out of netting, and sashes and other accessories can be added. An alternative to these is to just use a sash. These will be on the chairs that line the aisle.

There are 10 Lanterns which are silver and 40cm. These can be decorated with candles, florals, and even fabrics if desired. They will sit either side of the aisle runner next to the chairs.

The Wooden Arch is a square in shape and is ftx ft. It can be decorated with fabrics and florals to match your theme, or even left plain, although it is recommended it be dressed. 

This package is £200.00

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